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There are a couple of people that I want to take the time to highlight; Ernest Mueller @ernestmueller and Tim Virtue @timvirtue.
Ernest’s thought leadership, publication and iteration of “What is Devops” has been exceedingly helpful in my quest to both define devops in my own head as well as communicate the vision and future of operations/development/cloud to others.

Tim is the first security leader that I know of that has presented devops in the context of security. I had the opportunity to listen and speak to Tim this year at SecureWorld Houston.  A slidshare of his presentation is here.

The fact that both of these guys are in Austin?  Bonus!

My take on agile/devops? relative to security?  The fundamentals of information security will remain the same.  Devops will demand that we as security leaders, change our tactics, and speed the heck up, to retain any relevancy in the face of the insane pace that devops and agile processes facilitate.