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Intuitively I knew it made a difference.  The “why” of why infosec pros get up in the morning and “do what we do”.
Many times working “security” we get consumed by the fires of the day and forget (or refuse) to take time to recognize why we ultimately subject ourselves to the pain around solving the very complex and serious security issues of the day.

Recognizing in a very tangible way that my mindset/philosophy is ultimately responsible for my successes and failures has had a profound positive impact on my life.  I review  my work philosophy often.  I recognize that it is not perfect or permanent.  I use it as a defense and as inspiration.

Stuart’s Work Philosophy

“I believe in the positive transformation of the world through the creation and application of new technologies.  I work because I make a positive difference in the world by applying top down, leadership led, security solutions that enable leaders and their people the freedom to innovate in the face the many security roadblocks and unrealized risks that exist today.”

Jeff Olson in his book “The Slight Edge” states:  “Your philosophy CREATES your ATTITUDE, your ACTIONS, your RESULTS, which create your LIFE.”

Create your own philosophy using these simple steps:

  • Write down “why” you do what you do professionally.
  • Map the “why” to your larger life and overall goals, plans and dreams.
  • Review it often.