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Since Wednesday’s powerball lottery drawing is at a staggering $485 million I would not blame even the most rational readers of this blog to be tempted.  It is also a great opportunity for me to pass along some information that may save you from being a victim.
Let me use myself as the example.  I’ve noted myself not always 1) getting 2) checking receipts from convenience store runs.  If this resembles your experience ask yourself; would you notice if you were overcharged a dollar or two?

Here is the issue.  Unscrupulous convenience store clerks are betting you simply decline a receipt or don’t closely check the one you receive.  Seems that they are skimming small amounts from customers to support their own lottery habits.

Obviously the vast majority of convenience store workers are not stealing from you but it does highlight the fact that you should at least 1) get a receipt 2) check it.